The 110 plus Pallet, PR article from Packaging Europe Magazine Click here to read the article
Plasgad launches the new Neptune Pallet, we invite you to watch the product movie
800X600 mm, Ultra light pallet, Custom aviation safety requirements, The ultimate nestable semi light pallet Download PDF
  Unique advantages of this novel crate series:   • Ergonomic locking system   • Designed to increase holding capacity   •
"Packaging Europe Magazine" published an article about Plasgad’s new beverage pallet. We invite you to

Pallet PG955

Optimized for the beverage industry, 1000X1200, Integral anti-slip stacking mechanism,Designed for heavy loads,Low self-weight,Particularly broad

pallet PG740

.Environmentally friendly - 100% recyclable, 1200X1000, Easy washing and cleaning, Designed for heavy loads Download PDF

Pallet PG730

.Designed for heavy loads, 800X1200, Racking capabilities, low self weight Download PDF

Pallet PG1210

One Way, 1200*1000, Nestable, Max Dynamic load 1000 kg.

Pallet PG1208

One Way, 1200*800, Nestable, Max Dynamic load 1000 kg
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