Company Profile

Established in 1982, Plasgad is a privately-held company owned by Kibbutz Gadot. The company maintains two manufacturing facilities: one in Kibbutz Gadot for the production of crates and containers; and another in Kibbutz Gesher Haziv, for the production of pallets. As Israel’s largest manufacturer of reusable plastic solutions for packaging, transportation and storage, the company employs 150 employees and has international activity in over 30 countries worldwide.

Plasgad factory  Plasgad factory 2


Plasgad operates in three main segments: Agriculture, Food and Industry.

Agriculture – Plasgad presents a wide range of crates and containers for transporting agricultural produce from the farm to points of sale, including specially designed pallets enabling safe air transport of products with short shelf life.

Food – Our diverse packaging, storage and transportation solutions take food products from the manufacturing plant to points of sale, and are ideal for usage by dairy farms, bakeries and slaughterhouses.

Industry – A wide range of boxes, containers and pallets in myriad sizes are available to fit the changing needs of industry – along with advanced transportation and storage solutions designed specifically for automatic warehouses and logistic centers. 

Plasgad continues to develop new and advanced solutions for our customers, and constantly searches for new opportunities in the field of Reusable Transport Items (RTI). We are proud of the positive influence our solutions have on the environment, and are dedicated partners in the collective effort to enhance sustainability.